In order to ensure the long-term development of the project and ensure that the product has sufficient stability. With the team’s careful consideration, we adjusted the token distribution scheme and the rhythm of liquidity mining.

Distribution of RICE

100% of Initial Circulating Supply Distributed to the Community

RICE: 100% initial circulating supply distributed through seed pools in 36 days. After 36 days…

With the continuous advancement of RICE’s liquidity mining, rToken’s rebase has reached the time to start. Before that, we will briefly explain two issues.First, why does rToken exist? Second, what is rebase.

Why does rToken exist? What does it mean?

Everyone will be puzzled about rToken. We have BTC, ETH, USDT and why do we need rBTC, rETH…

After the team has been developing around the clock, our Salt BOX product has been officially launched.

Now we will introduce how to open the salt box to get NFT gifts.

Step 1: Participate in liquidity mining to get $SALT

We have launched 3 pools to support $SALT mining. You can choose any one you like.

Step 2: Harvest the $SALT rewards

Thanks for all Ricers attention, we also know that we have been waiting for a long time.

Now Let’s go!!!

Mainnet Contract Address

BSCUpdate on March 25 for we restart
RICE: “0xa13283562827D0Dff6D6811464D927edE029Ff46”
rBTC: “0xA4b9BA0A8CD1A183fd9B0A235D719286AdDC2bcb”
rETH: “0x5f7c33Ef5Bd357F73Ca8D090fd124dF7c2c8B372”
rUSD: “0x4779DAEa8E7259514aBAEa2918B767B0B576FBC1”

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The RICE DAO is a community of blockchain enthusiasts committed to building products to improve capital utilization of DeFi Governacne Token and optimize resource allocation of governance power in DeFi space. But what exactly is the $RICE token itself good for? …

RiceQuant is the Processing Farm for Governance Token Capitalization

🔻 Official Website (


Airdrop 3,000 $RICE

Airdrop Prerequisites:

1. Token swapped and LP Providers in Mdex
2. Token swapped and LP Providers in PancakeSwap
3. Leave 0x address in the specific Twitter thread.

DeFi farmers who meet one of the above 3 conditions have the opportunity to be random picked up from Lottery.

There are 1,000 final lottery winners, 500 Heco and BSC each.

Closed Time: UTC 24:00 on March 9, 2021

How to claim your $RICE?

please learn it from the guide.

Please do your own research and verify the project before investing or participating.

Don’t forget to join our Telegram channel, follow us on Twitter and subscribe our newsletter to receive new airdrops!

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Let’s face it Ricers… we’re all super excited about $RICE. It will be lanunched in heco mainnet soon. We’ve been asking ‘wen’ for so long it seems, but the time has come to familiarize ourselves with the ‘what’ and ‘how’.

What is this RICE token that has been airdropped to…


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