How to open the Salt Box to get NFT gifts

After the team has been developing around the clock, our Salt BOX product has been officially launched.

Now we will introduce how to open the salt box to get NFT gifts.

Step 1: Participate in liquidity mining to get $SALT

We have launched 3 pools to support $SALT mining. You can choose any one you like.

Step 2: Harvest the $SALT rewards

Just click Harvest button and then go to Salt Box page to check $SALT balance.

Step 3: Add SALT to Open Salt Box

Click “Add SALT” button will cost 1,000 SALT each time. We supply a total of 130 NTTs in the first phase, each time consuming 1000 $SALT can be randomly selected one.

Step4: Check acquired NFT in your Bag

If you win a NFT lottery, the NFT cards in your bag will be highlighted. and you can click cards to step into for details reviewing.

By the way, we will launch NFT marketplace next week.

About RiceQuant

RiceQuant is the Processing Farm for Governance Token Capitalization

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