RiceQuant IDO in BSC/Heco/Fantom: Whitelist Now Open!

2 min readMar 3, 2021


We’ve been extremely overwhelmed by the support and excitement we have received from our community since announcing the launch of our project. It’s now time to move onto the next step and present our IDO details.

RiceQuant IDO

  • Whitelist Time — 3th March 2021~8th March 2021
  • Exact IDO Time (Notice in Twitter)
  • 103680 RICE tokens for sale in total
  • Token price — $3 per token
  • Total Raise — $311,040
  • We will release RiceQuant in BSC&Heco&Fantom at the same time!

We will be raising a total of $311.04K USD via the BSC/Heco/Fantom IDO and more details on the chain will be released in the coming days.

Please note that anyone looking to participate in the IDO is required to whitelist, you will need to complete the whitelist tasks to qualify for the RiceQuant IDO.

entrants must:

  • Follow the RiceQuant Twitter accounts:
  • Retweet the IDO Whitelist Tweet on the RiceQuant Twitter account, including the hashtags #BSC, #Heco, #IDO, and tag two friends.
  • Join the RiceQuant Telegram group: https://t.me/ricequant
  • Fill in the entry form, confirming your details: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdDxH2PQN2MXY6iw4ukplt6g5NA3qln3Aao9HLZiF1SYQVtpQ/viewform?usp=sf_link
  • All entries in the form will be checked for valid Heco/BSC/Fantom addresses(Notate it please), Telegram handles and Twitter accounts. Bot entries will be removed prior to a randomised draw of qualified users who will then be whitelisted for the IDO. Entries that have not completed all of the above steps will be disqualified.
  • Whitelist lottery winners will Not be contacted per email from an official , but you can join the IDO directly when IDO is live! keep attention on RiceQuant :)

About RiceQuant

Most people just deposit governance tokens in their wallets. There are some notable phenomena that can indicate those who prefer investment attributes lack the derivative investment income ways of governance tokens and who prefer governance attributes have lost their enthusiasm for community governance because of being trapped by capital.

RiceQuant is a processing farm for the capitalization of governance tokens, hoping to deepen the degree of capitalization of governance tokens in the DeFi industry through the hierarchical lending model(a unique lending model designed in ifarm.finance) and the (common ownership self-assessed tax, COST) mechanism mentioned in “radical market”, and let the governance power really flow into the hands of those who want to truly participate in project governance.Stay tuned for more info and follow us at:

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