Token Sale Round On RICE DAO Member

The RICE DAO is a community of blockchain enthusiasts committed to building products to improve capital utilization of DeFi Governacne Token and optimize resource allocation of governance power in DeFi space. But what exactly is the $RICE token itself good for? In the coming article we’re going to define where exactly we’re at with RiceQuant, and some of the exciting prospects of where RiceQuant is headed in 2021.

Where We Are

The RICE DAO token will have all of the utilities that you’d expect out of a governance token. You can hold it, trade it, vote on governance proposals with it, and farm yield with it. Now is the time when the sun is about to rise. Rice DAO, it carries our lofty dream. Let’s go together.

Who set off with us?

Everyone who has a dream, passionate about the DeFi industry should join us.

We are glad to inform all RICErs that we are now recruiting DAO members. All fans who want to join the DAO can participate in $RICE token sale on DAO Member Round.

Details below:

DAO Sale: 10,680 RICE, 500 pieces at most per person
Authorization:DAO holders will be selected from all applicants

Time: UTC March 6, 2021 ~24:00 on March 9, 2021

Apply: Fill this form and we will PM you, DAO sale by OTC

About RiceQuant

RiceQuant is the Processing Farm for Governance Token Capitalization

Join Community:







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